How To Achieve The Most Iconic Zayn Malik Hairstyle

Zayn Malik has tried every hairstyle in the book, from the undercut to buzz cut. Now it's your turn to try his iconic hair.


Any Zayn Malik hairstyle is going to give you hair goals.

Zayn Malik’s hairstyle can often be found trending on social media. In fact, if you search “Zayn Malik hairstyle tutorial” on YouTube, you’ll get a countless number of videos. The highest of them is by YouTuber, Blumaan, with over 6 million views on how to get Zayn’s magical, signature quiff. The ongoing theory on why it’s trending is due to his style constantly switching. He often features his luscious locks to his 28 million Instagram followers. So if you want your hair to grab attention, just try your very own version of a Zayn Malik hairstyle! Out of his 5 most iconic styles, one of these sexy hairstyles is guaranteed to suit you.

1. The Zayn Malik Shaggy Cut

zayn malik hairstyle

This west coast-inspired Zayn Malik hairstyle commemorates his younger days with One Direction. Effortless and natural, this is perfect for those who live a bohemian lifestyle. If you’re a surfer, hipster or musician, this is an amazing look. It’s a carefree and stylish option that tells us you have better things to do than worry about your hair.

How to get the look:

First, grow your hair out! It needs to cover your entire forehead. This requires a lot of patience, especially when it hits that awkward stage. Once your hair starts looking like a mop, go to your nearest salon, quickly! Ask your barber or stylist to use shearing scissors to give it layers and dimension, so the shag doesn’t look flat. An additional tip is to bring a photo with you for reference.

2. The Zayn Malik Brush/Slick Back

Want something that’s sophisticated, but still makes a statement? This look has also been made popular by the likes of Jared Leto and G-Eazy. Much like the buzz cut, it can also be low maintenance. This is for you boys that want to keep your long locks, but still want to look professional at the office. A brush/slick back is a timeless cut that screams manliness with a sprinkle of edge. However, this look can easily go sideways and make you look homeless, so it’s best to rock this with a cleanly shaven face.

How to get the look:

All you need is pomade and a comb. Then, brush your hair back using the comb. That’s it!

3. The Zayn Malik Undercut

This is Zayn’s trademark cut that looks good on practically anyone. Even to this day, social media influencers are coming up with their own version of this look. In essence, it’s a contemporary take on a pompadour or quiff. This classic cut features a longer, more volumized look at the crown. In addition, keep your sides faded close to the skin. This style is so popular that most stylists know this as a “faded undercut.”

How to get the look:

To achieve this look, you need to have a ton of volume at the top. Depending on your preference, keep the sides really short. Having your sides close to the skin adds contrast from short to long, giving your look a stylish aesthetic. The contemporary version of the undercut features a drier finish that showcases texture, so you’re definitely going to need a strong holding product. A strong mens hair clay is the best way to go. If you want to lock in your style, finish it off with hairspray.

4. The Zayn Malik Angular Fringe

Think of a sensitive bad boy in a leather jacket and ripped jeans. This style is perfect for that image. This is similar to the undercut but instead the fringe curves to one angle. It’s not only a playful take on the side part or comb over, but also a great look for going edgy. Zayn seemed to rock this style every time paparazzi caught him with a secret fling. Guys with wavy hair should definitely take advantage of this look. If your hair is wavy, chances are it naturally sweeps to one direction (no pun intended).

How to get the look:

If the front doesn’t curve, fear not! Use a curling iron on your bangs to get that natural swoop. You can also do this with a flat iron by bending it towards your face at a right angle to get that same curl. In addition, a blow dryer will help lift the roots. Just make sure to use a heat protectant spray to protect those locks.

5. The Zayn Malik Buzz Cut

zayn malik hairstyle

This is the ultimate Zayn Malik hairstyle for 2018. It seems Zayn wanted to make a bold statement with this one. Although often trending during summer, he’s no virgin to the buzz cut. In fact he sported this look when he left 1D. He also went buzz right after his break up with Gigi Hadid. Coincidence much? This year, Zayn’s buzz cut showcases a head tattoo to remind everyone that he’s still the hair king.

How to get the look:

Need we say more? This hairstyle comes with the least maintenance. This look suits best with a nicely shaped beard to add contrast.

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