Weird Fetishes So Rare You Won’t Believe they Exist

We all know what a fetish is, but we found five insanely weird fetishes you won't believe are real.

weird fetishes

Weird fetishes are subjective, but these are the most rare.

Yes, we all know what a fetish is. In fact, psychologists to this day are still trying to wrap their heads around them. What makes these fetishes even weirder is we see them all the time. So, you could be turning someone on without even realizing. Here’s a list of five rare and weird fetishes that you won’t believe are real.

1. Throwing-Up Fetish

Frequenting the club makes this one of those weird fetishes we’ve never heard of, but will always find. For those who get off on vomiting or witnessing others do it, emetophilia is their fetish of choice. There are several ways to execute this fetish, and it’s more intricate than one may think.

The most popular way is through oral sex. Pushing one’s private parts in one’s mouth will cause a gag reflex in the throat, causing that person to vomit. So men with big balls could take advantage of this. The practice requires two different roles. One involves throwing up on their own body. Others enjoy having their partner throw up on them.

Psychologists believe the reason we may find vomiting sexually arousing is our desire to be dominated or humiliated. On the other side of the spectrum, for ones that like seeing others throw up, this comes from a side of dominance. Witnessing someone else throw up is like seeing someone orgasm. In scientific terms, dispensing our bodily waste mimics ejaculation.

Furthermore, the body gets feel-good endorphins when throwing up. The body instantly feels better getting rid of these toxins. The only danger to this fetish is that continuous throw up will wreck havoc on the esophagus.

2. Sneezing Fetish

Do you have a cold? Well, this could be a huge turn to others. For lovers of this fetish, sneezing is quite sexy.

This means if you get the sniffles, congratulations! Having a cold makes you extremely attractive.

The psychology behind this fetish is connected to what our bodies go through at a biological level. When we sneeze, for a fraction of a second, we give up control and our bodies shut down. For a person with this fetish, they enjoy witnessing that loss of control. In addition, the build up when we try to cover our faces before sneezing is also part of the fetish.

Psychologists conclude that it’s not just about the sneezing itself. Rather, the act of sneezing mimics an orgasm. When we reach an orgasm our body goes into this epic evolutionary state where we give up freedom. More precisely, we give up control whether we choose to or not.

3. Balloon Fetish

If the noise of balloons popping is the turn on, then this is a form of “auralism.” This means sexual arousal through noise. The noise of balloons popping could bring back good memories. Additionally, the noise releases feel-good emotions, much like having an orgasm.

Another theory says the popping noise could have scared you when you were younger, which gave you a rush. Perhaps, the feeling of potential danger is what caused the excitement. Birthday parties are now home to weird fetishes!

Don’t want to pop it? This means you belong to a group called “non-poppers.”

Just as the name suggests, the noise of balloons popping is not a turn on. In fact, non-poppers hate it. Instead, the physical contact with the balloon is the turn on itself. This means rubbing against the balloon. It’s just like cuddling, but with a balloon.

The reason behind this fetish is the balloon’s overall shape. The balloon isn’t necessarily always round. It could even be shaped like a banana. Remember going to a theme park and seeing that one guy make animal shapes with balloons? Yeah, blame that guy!

The big risk to this fetish is popping the balloon too close to the body. There have been a number of cases where people have lost their hearing due to continuous popping near their ear.

4. Falling-Down-The-Stairs Fetish

“Climacophilia” is a fetish in which one gets sexual arousal by falling down a flight of stairs. Of all the weird fetishes we’ve never heard of, this is by far the most painful.

There’s actually not enough conclusive research behind this, which makes it one of the least understood of fetishes in the world. The idea of breaking bones seems to cause sexual arousal. Furthermore, the act of falling could cause an orgasm due to the adrenaline rush. Psychologists are still scratching their heads…

5. Bee Fetish

An insect fetish is known as “formicophilia”, but a fetish for bees is very specific. It’s almost a different category. This arousal comes from the idea of pain.

Essentially, this fetish is more appealing to masochists. The sting of a bee will cause swelling and bruising. Unlike those who have formicophilia, the person with a bee fetish isn’t satisfied with only having insects physically on their skin.

They actually want to be stung in sensitive body parts. Yes, that includes the penis!

Psychologists conclude that the feeling of pain gives a rush to the person being bit. In addition, since the insect has no say in the matter, the person being bit comes from a place of dominance. In terms of the bee, it actually dies after the sting. So, it’s almost as if the person who’s been bit has power over the insect. The obvious danger to this fetish is if you’re allergic to bees.

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