Top 10 Self Tanners: The Best You Can Find For Men

Warning: you made get addicted to the self tanners on this list.

Self Tanners

See for yourself what these self tanners can do for your skin.

Self tanners for men may feel like uncharted territory due to the mass of feminine tanning merchandise with an overbearing coconut aroma. Introducing self tanners into your morning routine may even be a little intimidating for fear of the dreaded burnt tangerine afterglow. We did the research and scoped out the top 10 self tanners for men ranked from good to must-have (saving the best for last). Whether you’re the suburban Mr. Mom or soaking up the bachelor life.

Discover the best self tanning products for men from face bronzers to sunless sprays that’ll suit your lifestyle.

10. Ibiza Hunk Tanning Mousse

Self Tanners

If you’re living on a budget, Ibiza Hunk’s self tanning mousse will do the deed without breaking the bank. This sunless tanning foam manufactured from the United Kingdom will deliver a “hunky” fake beach tan with a refreshing aftershave aroma. However, mousse is a little more time consuming requiring at least 10 minutes to settle. Ibiza Hunk’s line of self tanning products for men are only available in the UK and select online retailers.

9. Clinique for Men™ Face Bronzer

Self Tanners

Face bronzers are the little white lies of self tanners for men. This is an easy fix for achieving a fake tan in the middle of winter that’ll make your friends jealous of your so-called “vacation in Cancun”. Bronzers are ideal for the low-maintenance man seeking a temporary tan that’ll rinse off within a night. For best results, mix the oil-free formula with face moisturizer for a subtle tan from the neck up.

8. Norvell Competition Black Out Gel Crème

Self Tanners

If you were born to be in the spotlight, looking pasty on stage is not in your agenda. The Norvell Competition Black Out Gel Crème is specially formulated for models and actors alike. Attain a faux tan with a gel formula that won’t let you fade under harsh stage lighting. Choose Norvell’s competition self tanning products for men that’ll guarantee a star-quality shade.

7. He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel

Self Tanners

He-Shi’s claim to fame is its unisex self tanners ideal for couples. This face and body tanning gel features a formula gentle enough for the face and body. Gel is specifically prepared with pure DHA and pentavitin for a natural fake tan with moisturizing benefits. We don’t recommend sharing this self tanning secret with your bae if you’re not willing to share.

6. James Read Sleep Tan Mask

Self Tanners

Tackle counting sheep while tanning with the James Read Sleep Tan Mask designed for the naptime expert. Self tanning prodigy, James Read, has developed a time-efficient self tanning product for men and women. This self tanner by moonlight features a smooth serum with hydrating active ingredients. Next time you get the fake-n-bake itch, we encourage you to hit the snooze button.

5. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Glow Pads

Self Tanners

Sometimes you just want a quickie: something that gets the job done with as little effort as possible. Dr. Dennis Gross has designed a skincare line of exfoliating sunless tanning pads that treat skin with anti-aging antioxidants while doubling as self-tanners. Get a natural glow with 2-in-1 self tanners great for sensitive skin.

4. Eco Tan Face Tan Water

Self Tanners

Calling all pale-faced vegans: Eco Tan Face Tan Water is your self tanning solution. Eco Tan Face Tan Water is a self tanning product for men and women certified for meeting Australian organic standards. This tan water solution is a unique toner developed to hydrate skin with naturally derived tanning agents. Now every leaf-eating male can look as good as they feel from the inside out.

3. Kiehl’s Sun Free Self Tanning Formula

Self Tanners

Some traditions never die and Kiehl’s is one of them. Priding itself on being one of New York’s century-old apothecaries, Kiehl’s has come a long way since the launch of Warhol’s favorite toner. This Sun Free Self Tanning Formula is a lightweight lotion with classically wholesome ingredients. If you’re set on sticking with only tried-and-true self tanning products for men, set your heart on Kiehl’s.

2. 4VOO Distinct Man Self-Tanning Moisturizer

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4VOO Distinct Man’s self-tanning moisturizer is your go-to cream for fighting wrinkles and sunspots while naturally tinting skin. Regain your youthful glow with an intense moisturizer formulated with protein peptides and botanical extracts – active anti-aging ingredients. This effective Canadian brand is catered for the “distinguished” gentleman searching for the fountain of youth of self tanning products for men.

1. Jet Set Sun

Self Tanners


Ever wonder how the people of St. Tropez look flawlessly tan all-year round? Throw out the tanning oil and put a little Jet Set Sun Spray Tan into your routine. Jet Set Sun is gradually sweeping the nation as the leading European spray tan for men. Fine mist dries quickly, so you won’t be forced to spend hours unclothed. A lightweight spray that won’t leave an oily residue, Jet Set Sun is one of the few products that work for virtually every lifestyle. Easily spray and go with France’s bestselling spray tan.

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