Top 10 Best Jeans for Men: The Countdown List

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The ultimate countdown list for the top 10 best jeans for men in the world. 

JEANS: They’re an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, but notoriously difficult to find the “perfect pair”. It becomes even more of a challenge for fashion’s trendsetters to find more than just one magical pair of perfectly fit and stylish jeans (because one is never enough). With an endless variety of colors, cuts, washes and textures to choose from, its tough to know where to even start with the top 10 best jeans for men – until now. Our menswear denim expert, Mario Leonardi, reveals the top 10 best jeans for men based on design, innovation, style and quality.

10. True Religion

Nothing says all-American better than True Religion Jeans. Their signature stitch is what makes these jeans so unique from the competition, especially the reputable Super T stitch design. These are definitely jeans for logo lovers because it’s impossible to miss the U-shaped logo on their back pockets.

Best Jeans for Men

9. Glimms

Glimms is the latest New York brand that’s taking over more than just Manhattan with fashion forward jeans. They’re still new to the denim scene, but they’re definitely not new to what’s on trend. You’ll most likely find slim fit styles – a favorite amongst the fashion conscious – finished with urban streetwear details.

Top 10 Best Jeans for Men

8. G-Star Raw

G-Star Raw Jeans are impressive for it’s high-quality denim in modern styles. It’s called G-Star “Raw” for a reason because their fabric is left untreated and unwashed, so you’re getting your money’s worth with raw and real denim jeans. Their classic construction and attention to detail is just another reason to love this brand even more.

7. Pascucci Jeans

Pascucci Jeans are bright and bold jeans for the guy that’s not satisfied with classic blue denim washes. These Italian-inspired jeans are made from high-quality fabrics finished in the most vivid washes. From dark purple to faded yellow, there isn’t a shade you won’t find in their collection. FYI: our favorite is the distressed red jeans with quadruple stitching.

6. Austerlich Grizzly

Chances are you’re not a gunslingin’ cowboy in this economy, but you can still be a cowboy at heart (perhaps some nights more than others). Austerlich Grizzly Jeans are the answer to all your cowboy probs. These button-fly jeans are rodeo-strong, yet incredibly comfortable. They actually design their jeans slightly more form fitting, so they hug your saddle in all the right places.

5. Takeshy Kurosawa

Takeshy Kurosawa makes Italy sound like the melting pot of the world. Their brand may sound like an authentic Japanese company, but they’re actually 100% Italian. Confused? Good. Their philosophy is about embracing diversity with jeans as original as its name. You know you’re getting high-quality jeans when your pants are made from imported Japanese textiles.

4. Staff Jeans & Co

Greek brand, Staff Jeans & Co, produces jeans as free-spirited as the island vibes of Mykonos. They’re the perfect dress-to-impress jeans for those VIP parties and wine-and-dine dates because they look even better after several washes. So, don’t cry over spilt wine when they’re just one wash away from looking even better. The hip and urban choice that’s just another way to wear eye candy in the form of denim.

3. Dsquared

Everyone loves a pair of double D’s. Canadian designers and identical twins, Dean and Dan, aren’t afraid to take risks on and off the runway. Some of the biggest celebs in entertainment wore these jeans, like Justin Timberlake and Ricky Martin. These guys earned a third spot on our “top 10 best jeans for men” list because of their incredibly versatile collection.

2. Diesel

This Italian brand pretty much started the urban trends that so many try to imitate. Killing it since 1978, Diesel rightfully earned its spot as the fashion industry’s boss of denim. Fueling the world with high-end streetwear for decades, you can comb through their collection for hours with over 100 styles to choose from. A dizzying variety of length/waist combos mean you’ll find something that fits you like a glove.

1. Kingz Jeans

Kingz Jeans is the king of jeans. This is probably a really big claim to make, but they honestly make the coolest, never-before-seen denim designs you won’t find in any other retail store. None of their jeans are plain and boring, like the Screwballer stone washed jeans with actual screws and bolts on the fly. Each piece is finished with cool accents on heavyweight denim with a fit that looks like it was already tailored for your bod. If you think this is all hype, we dare you to check out their jeans for yourself. You might want to get your credit card ready.

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