Sexy Texts Will Spice Up Your Relationship To a Hotter Level

Whether your partner is into raunchy or romantic texts, these sexting tips will set your love life on fire.

sexy texts

Sexy texts are the future of dirty talk.

Back in the day, if you wanted to have phone sex, you’d have to make sure your walls were thick or your parents were gone for the night. Now, you can literally tell your partner the kinkiest, dirtiest and raunchiest things while having a mocha frappuccino at Starbucks. In the millennial age, being sexual is more than just having sex. It’s about being creative. Sending sexy texts, also known as “sexting,” is one way to impress your partner in the digital age. So get your smartphone ready because here are some useful tips on how to get your partner craving you even more with a flirty and dirty range of sexy texts.

If your partner loves kinky scenarios, paint a story.

If your partner loves stories or scenarios, try this one on them. These are the type of sexy texts that eventually lead into raunchy details rather than being forward from the get-go. For those who are new to the sexting game, you can think of this like foreplay. You should use plenty of imagery, like you’re painting them a picture.

  1. If I were there with you right now, I’d walk in your office, close the blinds and get down on my knees. I’d make sure my tongue did all the talking.
  2. I’m such a nasty student for you, I might fail the test so can I come in your classroom so you can teach me more?
  3. You remember the time at the movies? It was so dark and crowded… But I got so horny sitting next to you.
  4. When you come over later, I’ll make sure to cook you an amazing dinner, then right after I want you to be my dinner.
  5. We should go to bed together and keep each other awake all night. The next morning I want my muscles aching and legs trembling.

You can tailor these messages based on your partner’s preferences. Don’t be afraid to be playful, especially by mentioning a specific place, like a park, bathroom, theatre or office. By doing this, you can get more descriptive by using these surroundings to your advantage. You can even use a setting that your partner regularly visits. If your partner frequents the gym, why not text about the naughty things you want to do to them in the gym shower? This will guarantee to get them excited.

What happens if your partner wants you to text naughty, quickly?

Chances are your partner wants you to be descriptive, but in a different manner. Unlike coming up with a setting or scenario, these sexy texts require you to be more blunt and straightforward. The best way is to do this is by thinking of naughty things that you want to do to your partner, and vice versa. It’s essentially broken down into two categories: “previews” and “requests.”

  1. I can’t wait to taste your cum.
  2. I need you to play with me when you get home.
  3. I’m going to explore all the sensitive areas of your body.
  4. You have to come over taste every inch of me.
  5. Your lips are so luscious, I want it on me!

These sexy texts will generally start with “I” or “You,” as you are letting your partner know specifics of what you desire from them. In other words, “previews” will give your partner a description of what you will do to them. On the other hand, “requests” will let your partner know what you want them do to you.

This is also a great chance to compliment your partner. If your partner has an amazing physique like Bella Thorne or Nyle DiMarco, you can incorporate that into your sexy texts. You should also keep tabs on how your partner is reacting to your raunchy texts. You can test the grounds by starting with a more subtle description and gradually getting dirtier if they seem like they’re into it.

Sometimes sending sexy texts should be funny.

We’re by no means talking about texting knock-knock jokes. However, one of the biggest misconceptions of sexting is that everything has to be extremely serious. Most people think that being funny will ruin the mood, but, when done right, it can go a long way. If your partner finds that cheesy factor adorable, try something along these lines.

  1. I want you to be my alarm cock in the morning.
  2. Stop making me think about you, it’s hurting my hand.
  3. Always making me choke and my throat gag, and it’s not your bad cooking.
  4. What do you and vanilla ice cream have in common? You’re both creamy in my mouth.
  5. Are you a monster in bed? I’ll do my best to tame your beast.

The best way to add humor is with emojis. Since they represent images that are non-sexual by nature, it can easily become dirty fun with the use of a little imagination. You need to be creative for this by thinking of what certain images could portray in another context.

Thanks to millennials, there are plenty of emojis that are understood worldwide as having a sexual double meaning. The “eggplant” emoji is now another way to text “penis” without writing it out. The “three droplets of water” emoji can also stand for “cum.” You can even use the “shocked face” emoji to depict actions that require an open mouth… Nowadays, some of the most non-sexual items are the naughtiest ones.

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