10 Impossibly Sexy Tattoos On Celebs And Where They Got Inked

We've rounded up some of the sexiest ink in the business and where you can find the insane artists that created them.

Sexy Tattoos for men

Sexy tattoos don’t always have to be about naked bodies or pin-up girls.

Sexy Tattoo Ideas For Men

Sexy tattoos are also about the right placement, creativity and the bodies wearing them. Of course, where else can you find the world’s hottest tattoos than on your favorite male celebrities? We’ve rounded up some of the best inked bodies in not only fashion, but also entertainment and sports. In addition to amazing tattoo inspiration, we dug out the insane tattoo artists behind them. So next time you get the tattoo itch, you can actually get your sexy tattoos done by the said “high priests” of body art (along with months of waiting and a lot of cash).

1. Kyle Krieger

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If anyone knows how to sculpt short to long hairstyles for men, it’s Kyle Krieger. Although he’s known for his perfect uppercut, Krieger’s woodland tattoo on his forearm is just as glorious. Unfortunately if you’re in love with his ink, his tattoo artist works at a private location, so don’t expect an easy walk-in visit.

Tattoo Artist: Denise de la Cerda
Where: undisclosed private studio – Manhattan, NY

2. John Mayer


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John Mayer’s full sleeve is basically the epitome of “Your Body Is A Wonderland”. As a result, if you’re after sexy tattoos with this much traditional Japanese elegance, you’ll have to actually go to Japan.

Tattoo Artist: Horimitsu
Where: Honey Tattoo – Tokyo, Japan

3. The Official Tro

"The floor is lava" by @theboyproject

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Australian model, gymnast, acrobat and influencer, Tro has it all from super cute unicorns to hyper Japanese floral and insect designs. Check out his insane tattoos, so you can get some inspiration for your next inking.

Tattoo Artist: neck & chest tattoo – Paul Martin / left arm – Dean Kalcoff
Where: St. Kilda Ink – Melbourne, AU / Dark Cloud Electric – Melbourne, AU

4. David Beckham

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Beckham has over 40 tattoos on his body, so it makes it that much harder to pinpoint exactly which tattoos were illustrated by every artist. However, it’s known that he frequents the Shamrock Social Club – a hotspot for celebs, like Johnny Deep and Mickey Rourke.

Tattoo Artist: Mark Mahoney
Where: Shamrock Social Club – Hollywood, CA

5. Stephen James


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Since Stephen James is known as one of the most heavily tattooed models in the industry, you already know he’s going to have some killer artwork on his body. As much as his full sleeves stand out, the giant Hindu goddess tattooed on his torso is the real winner. We’re especially digging the tongue.

Tattoo Artist: Jondix
Where: Seven Doors Tattoo – London, U.K.

6. Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick is under a lot of scrutiny right now as a free agent, but this quarterback does know how to make pec tattoos work. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, which is probably why his tattoo artist is still getting requests with an uncanny resemblance to Kaepernick’s.

Tattoo Artist: Nes Andrion
Where: Endless Ink Social Lounge Tattoo & Arts – Reno, NV

7. Ryan Sheckler

Solid run

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In addition to skateboarding, you probably remember Sheckler from his MTV reality show “Life of Ryan” back in 2007. His skating skills are still pretty sweet, along with his all-American eagle chest piece.

Tattoo Artist: Brad Reis
Where: The Vault – San Clemente, CA

8. Justin Bieber

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Pretty much any tattoo that Bieber gets is indefinitely going to make headlines, but we thought his animal chest pieces were pretty noteworthy. Why? Because it’s the handiwork of Bang Bang – the guy every celebrity is turning to for sick ink.

Tattoo Artist: Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy
Where: BANG BANG – New York City, NY

9. Lewis Hamilton

It’s safe to say Hamilton’s back is nothing short of a masterpiece, especially when you’ve got a timeless quote by Maya Angelou. Dubbed “the greatest race-car driver of this generation [2017]” by TIME, this massive cross was completed by none other than Mister Cartoon. He’s also known for his graffiti collabs with Diesel, Stussy and Nike (just to name a few).

Tattoo Artist: “Mister Cartoon”, Mark Machado
Where: Skid Row Tattoo – Los Angeles, CA

10. Matthew Pappadia

When Matthew Pappadia isn’t modeling for fashion houses, he’s out training his clients and building his filmography portfolio. Each of his tattoos include classic and creative elements, especially the side mermaid piece.

Tattoo Artist: compilation of artists
Where: House of Colour – Long Island, NY / Medusa Tattoo Studio – Ithaca, NY

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