Men In Fashion Is Rebranding as Equimen

We may be dropping our old name, but we’ll still be dishing out the same content you love.


When one chapter ends, another one begins. For us, that chapter is Equimen by Differio.

After years of creating men’s fashion-based content, we felt it was time for a fresh update that more accurately resonates with our vision as a men’s magazine. This is why we’re rebranding Men In Fashion as Equimen. We’re getting a new name and logo, but with all the same, addictive content spread across men’s fashion, hairstyles, fitness and lifestyle.

Equimen equally covers it all, from runway coverage to dating tips.

As much as our content is rooted in men’s fashion, we also know that both men and fashion aren’t one-dimensional. The scope of fashion extends beyond upcoming designers, clothing trends and runway shows. It’s the universal language for creating your own identity. You can be whoever you want to be simply depending on what you’re wearing. Fashion is what helps men land a job interview, break a personal record at the gym or lock in a date.

We wanted to create a space where any man could get a well-balanced range of news, fashion and culture. In other words, we wanted to deliver an equalized men’s fashion magazine. Hence, Equimen was born.

Our rebranding means more for you.

Since our very first launch as MIF, you’ve probably noticed a few changes with our landing page. One of our biggest updates is our category renovation, including Men in Bed, Dating Tips, Fit Men, and Mens Hairstyles. We’ve slightly shifted from only fashion-focused content to relevant lifestyle topics, like how to send sexy texts and balancing alcohol with weight loss. So, you’ll still be getting the same fashion coverage, but with even juicier, more inclusive content.

Additionally, we’re providing opportunities for contributing writers. We’ve had aspiring writers interested in featuring their work on our site, which is why you’ll also see articles published under “Contributing Writer.” We felt it was just as important for men to not only read up on fashion culture, but also voice their own opinion.

Equimen will be your new multidimensional and modern source for all things related to men’s fashion. We can’t wait to share with you what else we have in store. It’s going to be worth the wait.

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