Manscaping Trends For Your Facial, Body & Pubic Hair

Pubic hair and body hair and facial hair! Oh my! We explain all the grooming and manscaping trends, so you're not alone.

Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is one of those grooming ordeals you don’t really know how to approach because it’s just not normal to ask your friend about the weather “down there”. With summer right around the corner, you’re left to wonder whether you should start trimming the backwoods or let thy loins groweth bountiful.

With the explosive trend of man buns and beards, hairy bods have become more than just a temporary grooming fad. No longer just a hipster thing to do, men of all calibers have been saving their razors and sporting facial hair head on. From Leonardo’s Oscar-worthy ‘stache to Jared Leto’s 5 o’clock shadow, lately it’s hard to spot anyone in Hollywood without some peach fuzz (and we’re not talking about just facial hair). Yet – like all seasonal trends – this hairy trend could be meeting the last of its glory days.

For those of you that are still indecisive about which direction you’d like your roots to grow, here’s a few options for easing into the body-baring summer phase while taming your manhood from head to toe.

1. Facial Hair

The ultimate facial hair dilemma has been: to beard or not to beard?

The best way to decide if you should shave or save the fuzz is deciding what aesthetic goal you’re trying to achieve. The shape of your face plays a large part in the finished product. Round faces look best with chin-heavy beards, while rectangular faces look best with jaw-heavy beards. Looking to hide acne scars or mask a double chin? Beards are a great option for those looking to conceal unsightly pimples or give the illusion of a slimmer face (or hide that what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas chin tattoo). Even age plays a factor in the beard-sphere. Studies show that beards can make you look up to 10 years older. So sometimes the trendy thing to do isn’t always the go-to option for looking your best.

When mastering facial hair, take into consideration that it’s not just about the mighty beard. If there’s anything that Dumb and Dumber taught us, it’s that looking your best means shaving your nose hair. Some men tend to get caught up in the technicalities of grooming that they end up neglecting the unsightly hair from their ears, nose, and eyebrows (that are now unibrows). Especially for exceptionally hairy men, it’s important to trim those rogue follicles on your face because those are the most noticeable.

A great way to get the cleanest shave at anytime is keeping a razor blade sharpener on hand. Regardless if you’re planning on getting rid of your beard or keeping the Movember look in July, you’ll need shaving tools that won’t fail you year round.

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Pubic Hair

2. Body Hair

Everyone knows swimmers and bodybuilders chronically shave their bods, but what about the average Joe?

If you’re looking to get rid of body hair for female attention, you’re on the right path. Research shows that women are actually less attracted to body hair. However, before assuming you’ll look like Brad Pitt because your chest hair is waxed, it’s important to think of the consequences before disposing of every last follicle. Just as beards hide facial markings, body hair can make a beer belly slightly less obvious and vice versa.

Unless the gene pool gifted you with well-placed body hair, trimming body hair will take constant maintenance. The hairier you are, the more often you’ll need to keep tabs on your man fur. If you’re on the hairier (and lazier) side, we recommend sticking to less high maintenance areas, like the back. Moreover, the way you plan to get rid of body hair will make a drastic difference. Shaving will cause hair to grow back much faster and more noticeable over waxing methods. For those still not convinced about which direction to go, hair minimizing lotions and oils are an easy, non-committal option.

Yes, ruling out body hair can take as much effort as trying to choose a beer.

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Pubic Hair

3. Pubic Hair

Nowadays, the phrase “less is more” holds true for pubic hair. A recent survey suggests that about 55% of young males are removing their pubes. The reasons may vary from personal preferences of cleanliness, comfort, and confidence.

Due to this rising hair-free trend, now men have more options than just shaving in the shower. It’s no longer taboo for men to wax their pubic hair, like it was years ago. Does the phrase “manzilian” ring a bell? Waxing is so popular that they’ve developed “The Hollywood” for men that want the complete bare-bottom effect. If you’re not confident for a session of “back, sack, and crack”, you can always snag an at-home waxing kit. (Wax at your own risk.)

So, what if you don’t want to shave or wax your pubic hair? Trimming your pubes is another route for achieving a smooth look without looking completely naked.

Before making any hard commitments, you might want to consider your partner’s opinion as well. If he or she is into the au naturale look, why go through the hassle?

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Pubic Hair

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