Nyle DiMarco Reveals All in Leather for Attitude

Get to know the real Nyle DiMarco as he opens up with Attitude Magazine about supporting the deaf community and dancing with men.


Nyle DiMarco exposes his… attitude on Attitude.

After winning both cycles of America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars, Nyle DiMarco shows us the true meaning of living the American dream. Now, you can watch him conquer the cover of Attitude Magazine’s October issue in some seriously sexy leather outfits. While skimming through his steamy layouts, get to know the real Nyle as he opens up about supporting the deaf community and dancing with men.

Most know Nyle DiMarco for his fame on competitive television, but he’s actually much more than a stunning man that knows how to move. He has a knack for numbers, graduating college with a B.A. in Mathematics. He’s also a deaf activist that founded the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting deaf families. In his interview, he describes the deaf community as a “safe space” where “everybody accepts everybody else because that’s who you are”.

Furthermore, he touches base on the hot topics we’re really interested to know – his sexuality. Remember his risqué, same-sex tango dance that made DWTS history? DiMarco shares his thoughts on the controversial routine stating, “We’re moving on in the world. We are in a place now where you should be accepting of who everybody is, I think especially with the new generation. It’s a beautiful thing.”

He’s notorious for sexual fluidity admitting, “Growing up, I was never afraid to say that a guy was beautiful. Women can say other women are beautiful, so why should it be any different?…So, I was never really afraid to say that. I’ve always been that way, whether it’s male or female. You know, if they’re beautiful, they’re beautiful.”


It’s apparent DiMarco’s mind is as glorious as his lush brows.

Want to know more? Visit Attitude.com for the full interview and featured images.

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