Top 5 Men’s Sunglasses Trends For Summer 2017

Among hundreds of designer looks out there, we found this summer's hottest styles in men's sunglasses trends.

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There are some things a guy just can’t live without in the summer, like an air-conditioned room, an ice-cold beer, and a pair of fly sunglasses. Among hundreds of designer looks out there, we found this summer’s hottest styles in men’s sunglasses trends. Whether you’re going for a loud statement frame or retro circle lenses, you’ll find a design perfect for every event on your summer bucket list.

Here’s the top 5 men’s sunglasses trends every guy needs to try this summer.

1. Clear Rims:

men's sunglasses trends
1. Mykita, 2. Dior, 3. Michael Kors

Sometimes, clear frames come off a little dorky, but this summer’s clear rims are contrasted with the coolest patterns and colors. While completely see-through frames are usually designed to look invisible on the face, these partially clear rims will actually highlight your eyes. Semi-clear frames are great for any guy that wants the transparent design that still has a pop of color. The best part about clear frames? They match with virtually every color, so you can literally just throw them on and go without thinking twice.

2. Futuristic Circle Lenses:

men's sunglasses trends
1. Garrett Leight, 2.Han Kjobenhavn, 3. Alexander Hi-Tek

If you’re a Beatles fan, you probably already own a pair of round sunglasses. Circle lenses are one of those men’s sunglasses trends that will always epitomize retro-cool. While they’re typically a staple for long hairstyles and hippie-chic outfits (Coachella, much?), this summer’s round sunglasses fair on the ultra futuristic side. These modern lenses are updated with metal frames for a look that’ll send you back to the future.

3. Bright-Tinted Aviators:

men's sunglasses trends
1. Differio, 2. Gucci, 3. Saint Laurent

There’s something about tinted sunglasses that make you want to book a one-way flight to Miami and never look back. Colored lenses were super popular back in the 90’s, and they’re making a comeback on classic aviator frames. You can go after the classic pilot look with yellow lenses, or try on a different lens shade for a retro look. Since they’re not as dark as black lenses, it’s best to take precaution if your eyes are sensitive to sunlight.

4. Statement Brow Bar:

men's sunglasses trends
1. Valentino, 2. Alexander Hi-Tek, 3. Prada

Forget having your eyebrows on fleek because this summer it’s all about a bold brow bar. You can think of brow bar sunglasses like wearing men’s jewelry on your eyes. The standout accents are already the main focus on your face, so avoid chunky necklaces or earrings that’ll overcrowd your look. If you really want your sunglasses to pop, try wearing a neutral tee or button-down shirt, and leave the pattern to your pants.

5. Brown Tortoise Shell Frames:

men's sunglasses trends
1. Burberry, 2. Salvatore Ferragamo, 3. John Varvatos

Tortoise shell frames give off that sophisticated librarian vibe, but they also look seamless paired with linen beach pants. These sunglasses are geared for the classic man that prefers to wear minimalist pieces. Although tortoise shell is a pattern, it’s a subtle and neutral speckle that won’t overwhelm an outfit. This summer’s trend is about rocking the traditional brown speckle on a chunky-framed wayfarer or square lens sunglasses.

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