The Ultimate Men’s Perfume Manual To Smell Your Very Best


Not only to mask unpleasant smell, fragrance have the power to transform your mood, it can also attract romance. Mens perfume manual, from how to bag the right bottle to knowing which one to buy for that special someone. Here are some tips on how to smell your very best

Spray effectively: apply your fragrance after your first shower in the morning, right after you’ve dried off, and don’t do it in a rush. Applying your morning fragrance should be part of your ritual. 

Spray on to pulse points, areas of the body where the blood is very near to the surface of the skin such as wrists, the inside bend of the elbow and the dip of the collarbone.

Spray correctly: spray your scent within the ‘forbidden triangle’. From the jawline to each earlobe, and down to the chest. Our necks become crêpey with age and if scent is applied there, the alcohol content within acts as an astringent. Behind the ears there are a number of sebaceous glands, sebum is alkaline and therefore makes the scent “turn”.

Take your time: If you smell fragrances freshly sprayed, your nose will tire after the third one or so due to the alcohol content, which works like an anaesthetic. Spray a few options on blotter cards, taking note of the name, and smell them away from the perfume counter. Compare each one to the next, eliminating the one you like least.

Continue this process until you have only one. Then go back to the counter and spray it liberally on your skin, allowing it time to develop. If it is still intoxicating after 30 minutes, you’ve found your signature scent.

Choose wisely: Most people don’t really smell perfumes, we smell marketing – and that’s why so many people end up unfaithful to fragrances, because they’re buying into an idea. There are many niche and luxury perfume brands on the market, offering good-quality, creative scents. Take the time to become well versed in what is available to you to ensure you find a scent of true quality and individuality. A good tip would be to invest in a one-to-one consultation with an experienced professional to find the perfect scent for you.

Invest: When it comes to the amount you should spend on perfume, you get what you pay for. Perfumers can spend a $100 on a kilo of jasmine or $30,000 on the same amount. They wouldn’t do that if it all smelled exactly the same. Price very much reflects quality and this balances out cost wise. A fragrance containing fine materials will last longer than a cheap fragrance, which will need to be sprayed continuously throughout the day to remain apparent.

Make it last: Classic eau de colognes will have 2-3 per cent oil, whereas a modern eau de cologne or eau de toilette will have 3-8 per cent on average, with a few pushing the levels higher and termed an ‘extreme’ or a ‘concentrate’ to show the difference. A parfum is the best choice for a resonating scent as it will last much longer than an eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

Always apply your fragrance first and then lock it in with a lotion or cream afterwards.

Store it properly: Like wine, a perfume will continue ageing in the bottle beautifully as long as it is kept airtight. The natural oils macerate in the alcohol, the aromas infusing gradually. Heat, light, and oxygen are scents’ greatest enemies so always keep perfume away from direct light, in a cool place between 42-50°F (6-10°C) to keep the integrity of the perfume.

Use it to your advantage: Use a fragrance to stimulate your mood, to give you an uplifting boost or to envelop you into a sense of comfort. Giving yourself an extra spritz can reinvigorate you, so you’re ready for an evening out, and your scent will be more apparent to others. Allow perfume to not just transform yourself but to affect others around you too.

Don’t be affected by gendered fragrances: When it comes to gendered perfume the ingredients don’t fundamentally change, how they are dressed up is what transforms ingredients into a feminine or a masculine accord. In reality a rose on a woman smells like a feminine rose, whereas a rose
on a man is a masculine rose. Whereas modern perfumery is becoming less gender-specific with the rise of niche brands, the divide will always exist. 

Choosing for someone else: When buying it as a gift for others consider their personality and correspond it to one of the four fragrance families… For those with a happy-go-lucky disposition go for a floral perfume. If they are uncompromising, with a tendency for understated refinement go for a chypré. If they have to be noticed and have luxurious taste go for an Oriental. Fougères are citrusy and popular with practically everyone as people find them uplifting, making them a safe bet.

Alternatively, you could match the scent style to their personal style. Think about items that the recipient has around the house then look for a fragrance that contains the same basic notes.

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