Why Mens Hair Clay Is The Ultimate Styling Product

Got an undercut, pompadour, or faux hawk? Hair clay is just what you need for that perfectly coifed, just-got-out-of-bed hair.

mens hair clay

Think of mens hair clay as the new and mysterious boy in school.

In terms of styling products, mens hair clay is the newest. In essence, hair clay has a strong hold with a matte or minimum amount of shine. Hair clay’s goal is to give your hair tons of body for contemporary looks like undercuts, pompadours, faux hawks and comb overs. It’s also the perfect product for that disheveled, out-of-the-bed look like you didn’t try at all, but you actually tried.

Since most clays have a minimum amount of shine, adding water when styling can give it more luster depending on your preference. However, in this day and age, men are opting for more natural looks with their hair. What separates clay from its competitors, like paste, pomade and gel, is that natural and free-forming aesthetic it gives your style.

Mens hair clay gives volume, body and dimension.

These three elements are its noteworthy features. You will get very thick and loose separation giving it the appearance of layers in your hair. Layers also gives your hair a more textured look which in turn adds more dimension to your hairstyle.

Meanwhile, other clays can also have the opposite effect in which it binds your individual follicles together creating a “plump” look to your hairstyle, adding tons of body and density. In terms of how it feels on the hands upon application, most clays typically have a gritty feel. Don’t be afraid of it though. That grit is precisely what will give your hair that strong, unwavering hold. Sometimes, it can also be sticky. This simply means the clay has properties in it that’ll keep hair strands in place for a longer period of time.

Hair clays are made with natural ingredients beneficial to your hair.

Hair brands usually incorporate some kind of healthy ingredient to their clays. These ingredients are usually essential oils like Vitamin E, coconut oil and jojoba oil. These oils keep your hair shaft healthy while nourishing the scalp. Other hair clays contain shea butter, this helps to condition the scalp while keeping your hair soft.

The main ingredient of hair clay is: you guessed it – clay! The most common type of clay is bentonite. The amazing thing about bentonite is that it’s completely natural. Bentonite is made from the weathering of volcanic ash. This natural ingredient initially comes in a velvety, powdery form that swells up when water is added. This same ingredient is what gives thickness and density to your hair shaft. For this reason, the best hairstyles for men with thin hair can be achieved with clay.

What type of hair clay goes with your hair type?

Mens hair clay was once suited to tame unruly and wavy hair, but this is no longer the case thanks to newer products and brands. In fact, most big hair companies have their own version of clay in their lineups.

When it comes to good mens hair clay, a brand called Nostalgic Grooming stands out. Based out of Arizona, they make an amazing mens hair clay for humid climates. In fact, many of their products will help maintain your hairstyle, even during a heat wave. What makes their clay unique in particular is their addition of mango butter, which no other hair companies are using. Mango butter will keep your hair nourished without over drying your hair. This allows you to style your mens hair clay without stripping away your hair’s natural oils.

The only caveat to clay is learning how to use it because it’s a very thick product. If you just started getting on the hair-clay game, as to all beautiful things in the world, it just takes patience. That is not to say it’s not a user-friendly product. Once you get the hang of it, your hair will look perfect every time, which is something other hair products can’t duplicate.

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