The Style Guide For Men With Big Balls

Men with big balls don't always have it easy.

Men With Big Balls
Men With Big Balls

Men with big balls don’t always have it easy.

Regardless if you’re running, showering, sitting, or standing, you always have two giant reminders that will slow you down if you’re not prepared. Even making the smallest decisions, like choosing an underwear style, can make or break your day. The last thing you need is the horror of someone pointing out your slippage. Here are some basic guidelines men with big balls should follow, so your nuts are never left behind.

1. Find the right fit

Most men worry about the ongoing boxers-or-briefs debate because they’re concerned about fertility. However, the real issue for men with big balls is about trying to keep your boys in one place without squashing your manhood. Moreover, the bigger your balls are, the more likely tight briefs can lead to chronic testicular pain (aka: achy ball syndrome).

While boxers are super roomy, they offer zero support. Boxer briefs are probably the most practical option for girthier men. The only con is that boxer briefs can creep up your legs creating the worst wedgies, especially when they’re carrying extra baggage. You can avoid bunched-up underwear by finding a size that isn’t too snug around your thighs or wearing loose-fitted bottoms. We recommend low or drop crotch pants for ball-heavenly bottoms that also don’t look too shabby on the runway.

Avoid: thongs, bikinis, g-strings, boxers

2. Don’t wear the fake stuff.

While big balls can be a blessing, it can also be a thigh-rubbing nightmare. Regardless of underwear style, it’s only a matter of time until you start feeling that annoying ball-chafing sensation between your groin. A common cause for chafing is actually due to wearing the wrong underwear material.

Avoid silk, polyester, and synthetic textiles that only trap moisture and enhance irritation. Choose bottoms made from natural and breathable fibers while still offering plenty of stretch, like cotton. For more active lifestyles, performance blend underwear is specifically designed to quickly wick sweat and prevent further irritation.

Avoid: polyester, silk, synthetic fabrics

3. Fragile: manscape with care.

Manscaping can be dangerous territory for men with big balls. You have that much more square mileage of skin to potentially cut yourself on, especially around delicate folds that are prone to infections. Before taking on any task requiring sharp objects on your balls, always sanitize your tools with soap or rubbing alcohol to kill harmful bacteria. If you’re really worried about hacking off your two most precious stones, you can always leave it to a licensed esthetician for a professional trimming or waxing session.

However, don’t stress over removing your pubes just because you see it in porn. It’s actually not always the healthiest option for your genitals. Pubic hair acts as a natural barrier from bacteria and infections. Some anthropologists even believe that our very first ancestors took pride in a full bush because it was a sign of dominance. So, now you can stop beating around the bush, and just leave it alone.

Avoid: going completely pube-less, unlicensed estheticians

4. Stay squeaky clean.

Large balls + more sweat glands = swamp crotch. Don’t be another victim of swamp crotch. You can buy intimate grooming products specifically designed to give you the freshest nuts around. “Jack Black Dry Down Powder” is a fancy alternative from the conventional baby powder. If you hate the powdery mess, try out intimate creams and lotions for him, like “Fresh Balls Groin Lotion”. Although it’ll require a little extra cash and 10 more seconds to get ready, it’s better than leaving your junk smelling like junk.

While keeping up with hygiene is important, always read the ingredients on any intimate care. Some products can contain cancerous ingredients, like aluminum in deodorants. For sensitive skin types, opt for products with organic formulas that are less abrasive to the skin. A good rule of thumb to follow is: if you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably not natural.

Avoid: aluminum deodorants, unfamiliar ingredients

5. Move around to keep them happy.

Apparently, men with big balls are more susceptible to heart disease. Researchers from the University of Florence, Italy, found that larger testicles produce more amounts of the luteinizing hormone, which creates cardiovascular problems.

The best way to stay heart healthy is eating right and exercising often. We’re going to assume you already know one activity that involves increasing your heart rate and using your balls. (Hint: it’s always a happy ending.)

Avoid: being lazy


  1. Good article.
    Unnaturally large balls are signs of disease! Diseases like elephantisis and beriberi can cause the testicles to swell up!
    Hydrocele, which is a collection of fluid in the scrotum, can also make the testicles appear large.
    These are medical conditions which must be treated by a urologist. Usually, surgery is needed.

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