Matthew Pappadia: Interview With WIRE Magazine’s Model

Find out how actor and model, Matthew Pappadia, got started in the modeling industry and his secret for staying in shape.

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Matthew Pappadia for WIRE Magazine talks balancing his modeling and fitness careers.

This week’s main man in fashion is stunning model and actor, Matthew Pappadia, featured on WIRE Magazine’s Issue. WIRE Magazine is one of the longest running weeklies with constant updates on lifestyle, culture, entertainment and dining in the South Beach area.

Additionally, Matthew Pappadia featured on some of the top men’s fashion websites, like recent menswear campaigns with Differio (alongside Seth Fornea). While modeling and acting are his passions, he fuels his free time with educating people on health and wellness.

Get to know how this New York native started his modeling career, what he does to stay in shape, and how he likes his pizza.

Who was the photographer behind this photo shoot?

Jorge Friere at Photo Studio Miami.

What was it like shooting on WIRE Magazine’s set?

I actually shot separately with Jorge at his studio in Miami, and WIRE Mag picked up the images, so I wasn’t directly on set with them.

When did you start modeling?

I started when I was 21.

Who inspired you to get into modeling, such as any role models or favorite models?

Jorge Friere. He was the first photographer I ever shot with. He discovered me while I was on vacation with some friends, and I took a day to sit down with him. Eventually, I landed a cover with him and it just kept snowballing to where I am today.

How do you stay in shape?

I’m a personal trainer and occupational therapist, so fitness is especially important for my business. For my diet, I focus on carb cycling, which involves rotating my carb intake. On days when I hit my legs, I spike my carb intake. On days when I focus on singular muscle groups, I keep it high protein and high fats.

What’s your horoscope?


What’s your favorite hobby?

Stand-up comedy.

What’s your favorite food?

Pizza. A large pie made with chicken and jalapeno, and the other half with pepperoni and pineapple. 

What’s your must-have item for a photo shoot?

Coconut oil. I use it for my beard and hair.


Want to see more? Check out Pappadia’s Instagram @papsfitness.

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