Justin Bieber Posing for Cosmo

Justin Bieber posing for Cosmo is everything you thought it would be. He's topless, sweaty, and ready for action.



It seems Justin Bieber having a great time showing his abs

Find him posing during a sweaty gym workout in ‘The Fighter’ for the Cosmopolitan magazine September issue shot by film and music director Anthony Mandler, and styled by James DeMolet.

Check Justin Bieber posing for Cosmo behind-the-scenes footage here:

Justin-Bieber-Cosmopolitan-02 Justin-Bieber-Cosmopolitan-03 Justin-Bieber-Cosmopolitan-04

Justin has been teasing his upcoming single “What Do You Mean?” all month long and we’ll finally get to hear it on August 28. Thanks to a lot of social promotion, it has already topped Billboard‘s Trending 140 chart several times, even before its release!

Justin Bieber posing for Cosmo – MIF 2015

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