How To Be a Good Kisser With Amazing Tongue Skills

Unlike gymnastics or deep-sea diving, kissing can actually be learned in a day.

How To Be a Good Kisser With Amazing Tongue Skills

Learning how to be a good kisser is easier than one may think.

Want to leave your partner breathless with your epic kisses? Want to be able to seduce him or her with your amazing smooching ability? Unlike gymnastics or deep-sea diving, kissing can actually be learned in a day. So, fear not! Only a single tool is required; it’s called your mouth. Here are the best tips on how to be a good kisser with amazing tongue skills.

These foods will secretly sabotage your smooches.

Even if you’re an expert kisser with tongue skills that can bring world peace, how your mouth smells is so important.

Let’s get the obvious elements out of the way. One part in learning how to be a good kisser has do with your hygiene. First thing, don’t eat anything too pungent. The obvious foods that will sabotage your smooches are onions, garlic and spicy foods, but you probably already know this.

Foods that’ll secretly make your mouth smell bad are oranges, berries and watermelon. In addition, fruit-based liquids, like pineapple juice and citrus soda, can also cause this due to the acidity levels in your mouth. When the aftertaste lingers, it creates bacteria that causes your saliva to taste bitter, just like coffee. In addition, if you use dairy or creamer, it makes it more sour.

Another big misconception is that yogurt will make your breath smell better. In actuality, it’s your number one enemy. Yogurt turns sour over time, which will make your breath smell like sulfur. The best breath tip to remember is: foods that smell good are actually the ones that’ll turn bad in your mouth.

Before locking lips, set the mood.

Now, you don’t have to be on the top of the Eiffel Tower or the tip of the Titanic to have a memorable makeout session. The vibe is really all up to you. The best way to set the mood is to simply… relax! One of the worst mistakes you can do is to overthink the situation.

Remind yourself: you’re not deciphering an ancient code from a Nicholas Cage movie. You’re kissing. It should feel natural, not forced. Try be in a place that is comfortable, so  your body can physically calm down. It’s understandable that your nerves will set in. When this happens, relax your neck, shoulders, legs and arms. Once your body settles, next will be your state of mind.

Just remember one thing: don’t plan out the kiss – no matter what. Even if it gets awkward, let it. If you become too analytical about the kiss, you won’t be able to pay attention to your partner’s movements. That’s the real reason why the kiss gets awkward. If you’re kissing too soft or too hard, it’s because you’re thinking way too much. When this happens, you’re only paying attention to yourself. A key factor on knowing how to be a good kisser is realizing that it’s a team effort.

How do you introduce the tongue?

So, how will you know if your partner likes tongue action? It’s simple. The technique is counterintuitive. First, kiss your partner far from the lips. Then, kiss the neck, cheek or close to the ears. What this will do is give you a better understanding of how playful your partner is.

By no means are you giving your partner a hickey, so don’t go too crazy. Just lightly peck. If your partner is more playful, he or she will definitely respond. Usually the response will be to grab your hair or lean even closer to you, so long hairstyles for men could be advantageous.

Once tongue action is confirmed, less is more.

How to be good kisser is all about pacing. You can always do more tongue action depending on how your partner is responding.

The best way to start is by biting your partner’s lower lip slightly, then sucking on it slowly. Again, don’t go too crazy like your snacking on a cheeseburger. Usually your partner will respond by nibbling back, which means your partner is enjoying it. Your next move is to slowly slide your tongue in. Use the tip of your tongue to poke your partner’s tongue. Key word being “poke,” not stabbing, slathering or shoving. It’s a slight poke. It’s like you’re knocking on a door asking permission to be invited in.

You’re in! Tongues are connecting. What’s next?

At this point, it’s all about the timing than the actual tongue movements. What you need to do is build momentum. In other words, start slow and gradually get bolder. The most important thing to remember is to not leave your tongue in there like a dead fish. Keep it moving and get more into it. This is crucial when understanding how to be a good kisser.

Furthermore, circle around your partner’s tongue and match your partner’s speed. You can mimic your partner’s twirling movements if you can’t decide. If your partner wants more, then get bolder by speeding up the movements and twirling your tongue faster. If your partner goes faster than you, then that’s your hint to get bolder. Massage your tongue onto the further ends of your partner’s tongue. You can also suck on the tip of your partner’s tongue gently. If you know your partner prefers a more dominant side, use your hand to slowly grab your partner by the chin and pull it towards you.

For men, our natural tendency is to put too much saliva into it. Technically, it’s not our faults because there’s a science behind it. Saliva contains testosterone, so a man’s brain is programmed to transfer this to his partner. If you feel like it’s getting too wet and sloppy, don’t panic. Simply pull away for minute and kiss your partner’s neck or cheek. Then, go back at it. From there, all that’s left is to simply enjoy the kiss.

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