Hottest Guys in America: Top 10 States With The Best Looking Men

We did the dirty work. Check out if your state made it on the definitive ranking of where you can find the hottest guys in the U.S.

USA Hottest Guys

To find the hottest guys in America, you need to visit these states.

Recently Clover released “The Most Attractive Cities & States In The US”, which revealed a ranking of USA’s hottest guys and girls. Montana was charted as number one for most attractive men, and Rhode Island topped the charts for least attractive male residents. However, the results were based solely on users of the dating app. So what about the rest of the sexy American men? We found it unfair that app-free bachelors and gorgeous Grindr guys didn’t even stand a chance.

Therefore, we took the challenge and combed through the “Top 10’s” in over 25 online polls and surveys within the past 5 years that ranked USA’s hottest guys by states. Our results were compiled based on which states appeared most frequently on all surveys. We took into consideration states ranking men by attractiveness, fitness level, and sexual activity. In comparison to Clover’s results, we discovered that actually none of the states on their survey matched with our findings.

Here’s the ranking of the hottest guys by states from good-looking to most attractive:

10. Minnesota

Home of the Mall of America and Fargo, the men of Minnesota are stylish studs that are polite in their own charming Minnesotan ways. Notorious for its brutal winters, these are hot guys that aren’t afraid of a little stormy weather. Cold weather and many lakes mean an overpopulation of hockey player bods and rugged bearded men.

Famous Minnesota Hotties: Josh Hartnett & Seann William Scott

9. Hawaii

There’s a reason its called getting lei’d in the Aloha State. This exotic island may be small, but it is teeming with more than just wildflowers. A humble paradise with a lot to offer, there are just as many surfers as there are waves. This best looking state is roaming with sun-kissed men with sexy tattoos and carefree souls.

Famous Hawaii Hotties: Bruno Mars & Jason Momoa

8. Washington, DC

One would assume the capital of America is thriving with lean and mean political machines. Not far from the wealth of Potomac, these men care about both physical appearances and fulfilling careers. Its widespread museums and monuments make this the perfect grounds to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Famous DC Hotties: John F. Kennedy Jr. & Justin Theroux

7. Washington

Currently one of the fittest states in America, Washington’s mass of toned locals makes it’s gorgeous terrain even more attractive. This state is one of the most underestimated locales for USA hottest guys overshadowed by its Californian neighbor. Filled with quaint city life and rolling hills, it won’t be hard to find a good-looking bachelor matched with the perfect date night. The Fremont Troll is probably the only ugly “man” you’ll run into.

Famous Washington Hotties: Chris Pratt & Kurt Cobain

6. Texas

In the land of where everything bigger is better, it’s ironic that Texas lands a spot as one of the best looking states for men. Its scorching temperatures are just as hot as the men that live here. A place sparked with country twang and wholesome BBQ’S, the sexy men of the Lone Star State sure know how to live life to the fullest.

Famous Texas Hotties: Matthew McConaughey & Owen Wilson

5. Massachusetts

We’re pleased to inform you that the birthplace of America is still budding with fine gentlemen. Despite being one of the oldest cities in the USA, the atmosphere is still young and hungry. The men of New England are bold, brazen, and beautiful creatures that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Famous Massachusetts Hotties: Mark Wahlberg & John Cena

4. Florida

With miles of serene beaches and sweltering humidity, there’s no way you won’t spot a sexy shirtless guy on the street. Its wild Miami nightlife proves that Floridian men know how to be the life of the party. A lively atmosphere means confident men that appreciate a well-deserved beer.

Famous Florida Hotties: Jason Derulo & Wilmer Valderrama

3. Colorado

This state has more than just mountains that will take your breath away. Colorado’s high elevations also come with some high standard men. This best looking state is ridden with sexy mountain men that know how to keep up appearances while dealing with its insane weather.

Famous Colorado Hotties: Tim Allen & Don Cheadle

2. New York

The powerhouse men of New York are a force to be reckoned with. The city that never sleeps is pulsing with the movers and shakers of finance and fashion. USA hottest guys of New York are attractive and aggressive go-getters. Although passionately driven, they know when to press the brakes and take advantage of the city’s thriving nightlife.

Famous New York Hotties: Denzel Washington & Tom Cruise

1. California

California girls aren’t the only ones with sex appeal. From beach boys on the coastline to the metropolitan men of NorCal, this state is swarming with good-looking men. Although Hollywood is notorious for insanely gorgeous men, even the average Joe most likely has killer abs or a handsome jawline.

Famous California Hotties: Vin Diesel & Leonardo DiCaprio

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