The Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Think of your thin hair like a committed relationship. It needs work, but it's not impossible.

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The best hairstyles for men with thin hair are stylish and easy to achieve.

There are several ways you can conceal bald spots, increase volume and even thicken the appearance of your hair. Finding great hairstyles for men with thin hair just requires a little effort and education. Gentlemen, it’s all about working with the cards that you’re dealt with!

Finding the right cut is like finding the right partner.

Think of your hair like a committed relationship. Your partner, being your hair, doesn’t always do what you want it to. Just like any other committed relationship, your partner secretly annoys you. So finding that right haircut is like telling your partner that you’re moving on to better things.

Essentially, the key to finding great hairstyles for men with thin hair requires an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. More specifically, you should highlight the best parts of your hair and downplay the negatives. So don’t waste time wishing you had someone else’s hair because even thick hair has its disadvantages.

Instead, put effort into finding a good barber or, better yet, a stylist.

So, when in doubt, don’t be scared to ask them! That’s the reason why they’re in that profession. If there’s one thing these professionals know, it’s knowing what are best hairstyles for men with thin hair.

However, if you’re looking for some style suggestions, consider these following cuts. They truly complement hairstyles for men with thin hair.

1. Messy Spiky Hair (The Bad Boy)

If your hair is thick, but you still have bald spots, this is a great cut, boys.

To execute this cut, grow out all your hair from the top. When you visit the barber or stylist, tell them to keep the sides really short. This will create a contrast. Your existing hair should then be texturized with texturizing scissors. These are different from regular scissors by adding density to your hair. The texturizing scissors will give your hair dimension. Moreover, it adds layers to your hair. As a result, it promotes the appearance of fullness.

This is especially good for men with receding hairlines at the front since it masks those bald spots. Messy spiky hair is a youthful hairstyle that makes you look stylish and edgy. You should wear a leather jacket for this!

2. The Comb Over (The Classy Gent)

This can be a very versatile hairstyle when it’s done right. I’m not talking about that spitting image of a guy in a retro suit trying to brush his hair to one side. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, another visual is Donald Trump. Yeah, don’t be that guy! The comb over I’m talking about is a modern take on a classy and timeless cut. In addition, it gives a nod to men who are aging gracefully.

In order to get this cut, first analyze where your problem areas are. If your problem area is towards the back or to one corner of your head, try growing out your bangs. The technique is to use your thin hair to your advantage. By brushing your bangs to one side of your head, you are grouping all the hair follicles together.

As a result, hair becomes volumized in one, neat direction. This gives the illusion of fullness. Furthermore, keep the sides extremely short and tell your barber to fade it up to the crown. This will add contrast from short to long hair. Also a great choice for long hairstyles for men.

3. The Faux Hawk (The Sporty Dude)

The faux hawk was popularized by many athletes – think David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is a great hairstyle for men with thin hair because it hides a receding hairline at the front. In addition, it distracts bald spots on the temples and sides of your head. In essence, it draws attention away from a receding hairline since the “hawk” or middle is the star of your haircut. The eyes will naturally want to look up instead of directly at your problem areas.

Ask your stylist for a “skin fade” on the back and sides of your head while keeping the top longer. Around 4-5 inches should be good enough to style that hawk.

In order to achieve this hairstyle, product is required. Opt for one with a high hold that will keep the hawk in place. Using a volumizing hairspray can work to your advantage as well. Just make sure not to saturate your hair with styling product. Always apply in small amounts.

4. The Buzz Cut (The Cool Guy)

The buzz cut will make you feel cool, literally. The buzz cut is an excellent choice for the most severe cases of thinning hair. The beauty of this cut is it hides your problem areas by embracing the actual problem.

What does this mean? Well, instead of highlighting your strengths, it hides all the weaknesses. Brilliant! Whether your hairline is receding from the back, sides or front, the buzz cut will essentially balance out your imperfections.

The best way to make the buzz cut look even cooler is to wear it with a full beard. By rocking a beard, this will add contrast from the crown to the chin. Not to mention, it looks really freaking cool.

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