5 Hair Color Trends For Men You Need To See To Believe

Extreme colors and high-definition shine inspired by mermen and rainbows are what's hot on dudes right now.

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Who knew men’s hair color trends could be as magical as the unicorn emoji?

Lately, it seems like anything remotely related to sci-fi or fantasy always goes viral on social media, including men’s hair color trends. Extreme colors and high-definition shine inspired by mermen and rainbows are what’s hot on dudes right now.

Unfortunately, it’s not the most wearable shade for business or finance guys, but don’t be surprised if colored hair starts going mainstream, either. Just like the beard boom, every famous guy is also rocking dyed hair, like Kanye’s bleached buzzcut and John Mayer’s “autumn sunrise” highlights. (We’re just glad Sugar Ray’s frosted tips aren’t making a comeback anytime soon.)

Tempted to try these larger-than-life shades on your own head? Some of these dye techniques are complicated to achieve, so you might want to leave the permanent stuff for the professionals and go with temporary kits instead.

From frosty silver to pink ombré, these are the hypnotic hair color trends that the Internet can’t stop and won’t stop sharing.

1. Merman Hair

hair color trendshair color trends

Also known as sea glass hair, mermaid hair looks as majestic as the deep, blue sea. This trendy color includes a rich combination of aqua blue and turquoise tones from root to tip.

If you have a beard, you can try coloring your facial hair in similar tones for the full aquatic effect.

2. Mood Ring Hair

My moody hair @pravana

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Starbucks released the color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino for frap lovers, and Pravana invented mood-ring hair for colorist fanatics.

This heat-activated “Vivids Mood Color Kit” is the only temporary dye of its kind. It fades after one wash, so it’s safe for any guy to get moody over the weekend.

3. Icy Silver Hair
hair color trends
Source: @davidshebetter
hair color trends
Source: @joeylondonstyle

Jay Manuel started the icy-silver hair trend back in 2009, but it’s making a major comeback, even coined as “2017’s coolest trend”. Some like to call it granny hair, but there’s more to it than looking like a handsome silver fox. It’s actually a cool combination of ash blonde and metallic silver.

If you have dark hair, try leaving your roots dark for a silvery ombré that lends a more natural, light-to-dark transition.

4. Cotton Candy Hair

hair color trends
Zayn Malik
hair color trends
Frank Ocean

If you’re looking for the toned-down version of pink hair, it would be cotton candy hair. This trend is kind of like listening to a soft rock song on a punk rock station.

As seen on big-name celebs, like Zayn Malik and Frank Ocean, you can either go full-fledged pastel pink or leave a little extra natural-colored root.

5. Holographic Hair

hair color trendshair color trends

Holographic hair is probably the closest thing to unicorn hair, but we can only imagine… Also known as mother of pearl or iridescent hair, this hair color trend is packed with pastel rainbow shades finished with a glossy platinum shine.

It’s harder for brunettes to get this look in one sitting, but the end result is definitely worth the wait. If you’re into headbands for men, you can try pairing this look with a neutral wrap to make the colors pop.

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