Cheap Menswear: Style Tips For Your Ten-Dollar Tee

Fool your friends that you're wearing cheap menswear by following these simple style guidelines.

cheap menswear

With the right style tips, no one will know you’re actually wearing cheap menswear.

Cheap menswear usually has a bad rep for its poor quality and short life span. We’ve all experienced that bargain t-shirt we had to throw out after one use because it shrunk in the wash. Despite the headaches, the affordable prices keep us crawling back for more (as much as we hate to admit it). Basic tees are one of the most common finds in cheap menswear. Let’s be honest – who really wants to spend a fortune on a plain white tee? However, just because you can’t afford designer clothing doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re living on a budget either. You can still fake the high fashion look in a cheap t-shirt by following these simple style tips.

1. Go bold with statement pieces.

Statement pieces and plain t-shirts go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is the time to throw on that chunky necklace or crazy handbag you’ve been iffy about wearing for months. Likewise, the best way to look more put-together is by setting all the attention on something that’s worth putting on display.

2. Your shoes say it all.

The wrong pair of shoes can be a dead give-away that you’re wearing cheap menswear. It’s probably obvious to avoid casual footwear, like flip-flops and gym sneakers, but the condition of your shoes is just as important as choosing the right style. As a result, stay away from shoes that look like they have little life left in them. Mens trendy shoes, like fresh kicks or designer oxfords, are smart investments that’ll keep you looking sharp.

3. It’s all about the right fit.

Tailors aren’t just for suits and wedding season. No matter how much you’ve spent on a pair of designer jeans, no amount of money can make up for how poorly you’ll look in saggy pants. If you can’t afford to get your clothes tailored, take the extra trip to the fitting room or check your measurements before making an impulsive buy in-store or online.

4. Keep it clean.

It’s amazing what a little ironing and laundry can do for a cheap t-shirt (because wrinkles and stains just aren’t sexy accessories). As much as this is one of those annoying chores, this doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process either. Stay on top of your game with wrinkle release sprays and stain remover pens.

5. Put your best face forward.

Conquering the high fashion look on a budget isn’t only about choosing the right clothes. Moreover, all the effort you’ve made in pressing and tailoring clothes is useless if you’re not well groomed. This doesn’t mean you need to go completely clean-shaven. If you’re sporting a beard or moustache, remember to tame any fly-aways and unruly hair. Ultimately, the easiest way to look like a million bucks is to feel like a million bucks on the outside and inside.

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