Bomber Jackets That Men Want According To Google

See all the stylish bomber jackets men want and where to get your hands on this trending item.


Google reveals these are the bomber jackets men are craving, and we know where to find them.

Due to its insane popularity, the bomber jackets men are wearing today are available in almost every color and pattern combination. It’s the jacket that makes you feel just as cool as a pilot in a Tom Cruise action movie. This trend became so popular that it actually charted Google’s annual fashion trends report as one of the top three trending items in the U.S.

Furthermore, the Google Fashion Trends Report gives consumers actual data on what’s trending in fashion on the Internet. Hence, this data analyzed all monthly search results with the highest volume for clothing categories. As a result, Google created a metric formula of “year-over-year growth, velocity, and acceleration”. They made sure to remove any temporary trends in their findings for the most accurate results. So, if you’ve searched for bomber jackets between May 2014 and May 2016, you’ve most likely made a contribution to these findings.

As a result, the final report revealed what trends people are searching for. This was categorized by most associated keywords, colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Additionally, this is one of the few current trends that actually appeals to both men and women. In fact, you’ve probably already seen Gigi Hadid and Kanye West in copycat olive bomber jackets filtering your Instagram feed.

Even Google admits, “As seasonal lines begin to blur, so do age, size, and gender associations. Search behavior indicates that the bomber jacket is a look that works for everyone.”

The true stars in fashion design are more than just temporary fads. These are the trends that can stand the test of time for being versatile, practical, and – of course – stylish.

Finally, here’s what’s trending in bomber jackets men are looking to score this year, and where you can find similar styles:

  1. Keywords: longline, lightweight, padded, oversized, army, varsity

    Approx. Monthly Search Results for Longline: 1-2 million

bomber jackets men
Oversized Bomber Jacket, Skingraft
bomber jackets men
Ma1 Flight Longline Bomber Jacket Black, DRKSHDW by Rick Owens
bomber jackets men
Army Camouflage Cotton Bomber Jacket, G-Star Raw


2. Colors: black, pink, green, olive, blue, white, red, burgundy, navy, brown

    Approx. Monthly Search Results for Navy: 600,000 – 1 million

bomber jacket men
Oil Bomber Jacket Brown, Blood Brother
bomber jackets men
Blue Navy Aviator Bomber Jacket, Black Gold by Diesel
bomber jackets men
Burgundy Ma-1 Strap Bomber Jacket, 3.1 Philip Lim


3. Patterns: embroidered, floral, camo, patches, rose, printed, flower, patterned

    Approx. Monthly Search Results for Patches: 600,000 – 1 million

bomber jackets men
Patched Bomber Jacket Daytona,
bomber jackets men
Embroidered Pegasus Bomber Jacket, Roberto Cavalli
bomber jackets men
Floral Effect Bomber, DSquared²


4. Fabrics: leather, satin, silk, quilted, suede, denim, nylon, fur, sequin, velvet

    Approx. Monthly Search Results for Leather: 1-2 million

bomber jackets men
Furred Front Bomber Jacket, Diesel
bomber jackets men
Diamond-quilted Leather Bomber Jacket, Balmain

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