Hot Child Junk Founder Talks Best Jeans For Men

It's getting hot in here. The founder of Hot Child Junk Jeans talks about his creation on the best jeans for men.

best jeans for men
Awarded the best jeans for men and making major headlines in fashion magazines, The Hot Child Junk Jeans designer and founder, Octavio Silva, talks to Men In Fashion.

MIF: Why are The Hot Child Junk Jeans the best jeans for men, and what exactly is it that sets them apart from all mens jeans?

SILVA: “The Hot Child Junk Jeans are the first jeans ever made with consideration for the male form. For over a hundred years, people have been making jeans straight down. Men aren’t flat in the front. This obvious flaw that other jean designers have been making for a hundred years baffles me, and we’ve taken the time to design the most comfortable jeans for a man ever.”

MIF: The Hot Child Junk Jeans introduced itself with a big claim: “Anatomically designed for men.” How would you evolve from the “DANK” and move on to the next jeans design while staying true to your brand promise?

SILVA: “The anatomical design is there. I wear the jeans myself every day. If I see a way to improve it, I will. As is, they are by far the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. We have already in the works; straight leg, skinny and classic styles, but the anatomical design remains the same.”

MIF: The Hot Child Junk Jeans has been selected by many denim experts and fashion magazines as the worldwide best jeans for men. How do you keep up with big international competition?

SILVA: “There are a ton of really great designers out there, but they all suffer from the same painfully obvious flaw. They are stuck in their box of straight down the front jeans and afraid to create any real change. That’s what sets us apart. We are not afraid.”

MIF: Judging from some customer feedback that we read, many of your customers have established that your jeans are premium quality. Since the Hot Child Junk Jeans are made in the USA, is that something that you feel is important, and does this justify the high price point?

SILVA: “I believe having our jeans made in the USA, and our absolute top of the line fabrics and unique design more than justify the price; which to me isn’t high at all for a jean that will last a life time.”

MIF: The Hot Child Junk Jeans are manufactured with a certain process, and we learned that the end consumer receives instruction also on how to wear it. Can you tell us more about the process?

SILVA: “Sure thing. You slide those suckers on and strut your fine ass down the street. Also simply wash on cold and don’t heat dry them. We will always send something to our customers regarding the fabric, care, etc. For example: Dank is selvage. Selvage denim is in a league all by itself with a huge knowledge client base. But for the few that are only just coming on board, we want them to feel comfortable in understanding this particular, fantastic denim! Its all about the edge.”

MIF: You currently sell online exclusively via the New York-based, stylish menswear platform, and we have to say your brand image on Differio is quite impressive. Do you have a special endorsement from Differio since they sell a multitude of designer brands alongside yours?

SILVA: “We consider ourselves one of the very fortunate that has included our line along with their many other fantastic brands. These guys really know what they’re doing. If we didn’t belong there we wouldn’t be there among the best of them.”

MIF: What would you say has been your greatest achievement/proudest moment so far since your launch?

SILVA: “Besides being awarded the best jeans for men, my greatest achievement since the launch has been linking up with the great team members at and them helping us to spread the fire that is our jeans. Since then, I have had many proud moments; just randomly running into people wearing the something that, for lack of betters words, is a huge part of me. The fabric (pun intended) of my life. My heart swells with pride every time.”

MIF: Who is The Hot Child?
“Any man who desires to be comfortable and look damn good doing it.”

The Hot Child Junk Jeans, best jeans for men MIF Interview by Jason O’Brien


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