Best Jeans Design Award of 2018: The Screwballer

The Screwballer Jeans actually have screws near – ahem – your balls, and they look pretty darn good.

best jeans design

There’s a new slim fit jean you’ll want to screw around with, and it goes by the name: Screwballer. No, this has nothing to do with baseball pitching or spiked orange beverages. We’ve rated the Screwballer Jeans for having the best jeans design of the year because they’re the only pair of pants with screws near – ahem – your balls. And, they look pretty darn good.

The Screwballer Jeans are the only denim “species” of its kind out on the market, which is why they’ve earned our Best Jeans Design Award of 2018.

These stone washed jeans include strategically placed screws and bolts on the fly that work as both metal embellishments and bulge enhancers, manufactured by Kingz Jeans. In other words, this is a borderline genius fly construction with the potential to start a new wave of industrial-inspired men’s fashion.

At first glance, they seem like unpractical jeans for men with little patience. Who really has the time to screw and unscrew their pants every time they need to pee? The good news is you actually don’t even need to tinker with the screws and bolts on the center fly. There’s an additional side zipper fly that conveniently runs down the crotch, so your “hardware” is easily accessible.

Despite the extra nut and bolts, they’re machine washable and dryer safe, as long as they’re inside out. If you’re really uncertain about your laundry settings, you can always manually hand wash and air-dry them out.

Additionally, the weighty textile is an instant giveaway that this is a pair of high-quality denim in your hands. The fabric is finished with an antique, faded effect, which makes them slightly greyer than the traditional blue jeans. The front includes distressed markings and leg wrinkling adding to its aged denim look. They’re divinely wrinkled, ripped, and all screwed up – just the way we like it.

The Screwballer Jeans are sold exclusively on

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