How to Master the Art of Balancing Alcohol and Weight Loss

Believe it or not, there are ways to lose weight and still get trashed on the weekends.

Alcohol and Weight Loss

Are your drinking habits making you fat? We have the best alcohol and weight loss tips for men who love to drink.

Yes! Alcohol and weight loss can now be used in the same sentence. Believe it or not, there are ways to lose weight and still get trashed on the weekends. It’s all about finding the right diet you can stick to.

So, what makes alcohol so damaging that it spawns an urge in you to search for a diet plan? Well, it isn’t necessarily the alcohol itself. Alcohol and weight loss only becomes hard when you start to crave late-night snacks. If you look at any bar menu, it usually includes deep fried chicken and greasy burgers. This is one of the reasons why bars invented happy hour. It’s scientifically proven that when you drink more, you also end up eating more. Bars know this translates to you staying longer. Hence, ordering more items and spending more money.

Alcohol plays around with the brain’s hunger receptors, which causes you to crave foods you’d normally avoid. As a result, alcohol itself isn’t the only problem. It’s the combination of sugar, salt and carbs that we end up devouring at the end of the night. So, one way to offset this is to manipulate your diet, rather than the drink. Let’s face it, we aren’t putting that drink down.

For the men who like mixed drinks, veggies are your new best friends.

The vegetarian diet is a great diet plan for men who love to drink and party. Now I know what you’re thinking, veggies… really? Well you don’t have to go full-on vegetarian. Rather, you should simply incorporate more veggies into your diet. The beauty of this diet is that it lets you drink any kind of alcohol, regardless of the calorie content. Say hello to margaritas, long island iced teas, and vodka! This is a great diet for losing weight, especially if you enjoy sweeter drinks with a high sugar content.

Veggies contain only a few calories, so it allows you to get your feast on. For example, hot wings normally come with a side of celery sticks. Instead of bingeing on wings, go crazy on the celery sticks! Even if you dip it in some sauce, it’ll be far less fattening than the greasy chicken wings. You can also try ordering a cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. If you simply stick to incorporating more veggies while you’re drinking, this will counterbalance the fattening sugars in your drinks. Your body will then focus on breaking down and burning up the alcohol, rather than the calories from greasy foods.

The one downside to the vegetarian diet: even though you’re eating less calories, the alcohol content will most certainly hit you harder. Unlike fats and carbs, veggies won’t soak up all the alcohol your body is consuming. Before you go green, just be aware of how many drinks you’re having that night.

More energy in your body will stave off hunger pangs.

One way to stave off hunger pangs while drinking heavily is by putting energy into your body. Think of what bodybuilders eat for breakfast: it’s usually healthy, high-energy foods. These foods stabilize your blood sugar levels without affecting the speed of your metabolism. In other words, if you eat protein bars prior to drinking, this will slow down alcohol consumption, which aids in less weight gain.

You can try eating fiber bars, nutrition bars, protein bars, cereals or even drinking Gatorade. Other foods that can help are fruits and protein shakes. We recommend trying apples and bananas! It’ll not only cause you to eat less, but also coat and protect your stomach lining.

An all-protein diet could help you lose weight and still get you trashed.

Tailoring it to your own body is really the key to mastering alcohol and weight loss. If eating veggies, fruits or protein bars just isn’t your thing, one diet to experiment with is one that has little to no carbs. This means you’re allowed to eat all types of meat, including those greasy hot wings.

The reason why this is an effective weight-loss regimen is because protein builds muscle or, at the very least, sustains muscle. This is especially great for guys that enjoy hitting the gym. Any type of poultry is an optimal protein source because it has the most protein versus any other meat. When it comes to alcohol and weight loss, this protein will help protect those gains.

Another alternative to consider is seafood. Although it has less protein, it definitely has less calories compared to meat. Sorry, this doesn’t include those deep-fried fish cakes. This is more tailored for sushi lovers. Next time, go for the raw oysters. More than just aphrodisiac foods for men, they’re low in calories and contain less fat.

Be picky about what you choose to drink.

There’s no way around it, gents. It may be a no-brainer, but the best way to lose weight is by being picky about your alcohol. Before you start crying like that emotional drinker at 4 a.m., there are still ways to party it up on a diet.

The technique is simple. You need to figure out which drinks are causing you to gain the most weight. It’s merely trial and error. There are definitely drinks that’ll cause more weight gain due to calorie content. For example, creamy liquor that incorporates dairy products will stay longer in your body than, say, tequila. To cut calories, you can try ordering a gin and tonic instead of a sugary daiquiri.

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