Tuesday, April 17, 2018
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sexy texts
Why are sexy texts the future of dirty talk? Back in the day, if you wanted to have phone sex, you’d have to make sure your walls were thick or your parents were gone for the night. Now, you can literally tell your partner the kinkiest, dirtiest and raunchiest things while having a mocha frappuccino at Starbucks. In the millennial...
mens hair clay
Think of mens hair clay as the new and mysterious boy in school. In terms of styling products, mens hair clay is the newest. In essence, hair clay has a strong hold with a matte or minimum amount of shine. Hair clay's goal is to give your hair tons of body for contemporary looks like undercuts, pompadours, faux hawks and...
Alcohol and Weight Loss
Are your drinking habits making you fat? We have the best alcohol and weight loss tips for men who love to drink. Yes! Alcohol and weight loss can now be used in the same sentence. Believe it or not, there are ways to lose weight and still get trashed on the weekends. It’s all about finding the right diet you...
How To Be a Good Kisser With Amazing Tongue Skills
Learning how to be a good kisser is easier than one may think. Want to leave your partner breathless with your epic kisses? Want to be able to seduce him or her with your amazing smooching ability? Unlike gymnastics or deep-sea diving, kissing can actually be learned in a day. So, fear not! Only a single tool is required; it’s...
What to wear on a first date
What to wear on a first date? It's the one question so many guys are asking. So, you landed your first date. Congratulations! Is this lucky person that co-worker you’ve been crushing on, that cutie in class, or that baddie by the bar? Whether it's someone you met on a dating app or your mom’s best friend, there are some...
Mens Hairstyles & Guy Haircuts
The best hairstyles for men with thin hair are stylish and easy to achieve. There are several ways you can conceal bald spots, increase volume and even thicken the appearance of your hair. Finding great hairstyles for men with thin hair just requires a little effort and education. Gentlemen, it’s all about working with the cards that you’re dealt with! Finding...
weird fetishes
Weird fetishes are subjective, but these are the most rare. Yes, we all know what a fetish is. In fact, psychologists to this day are still trying to wrap their heads around them. What makes these fetishes even weirder is we see them all the time. So, you could be turning someone on without even realizing. Here's a list of...
Is Semen Good for the Skin
Is semen good for the skin and hair? We dug out all the dirty details. There are a countless number of hair and skin care products out now. Thousands of brands are constantly promoting their next new formula. It's as if everyday someone comes out with a revolutionary product to improve your looks. With an array of strange procedures and...
Model Cormac Murphy 2
It's all eyes on model Cormac Murphy, and we can't stop staring at him either. New York City is crawling with aspiring models, but model Cormac Murphy is the one guy we can’t stop thinking about. This hot, Irish native is the newest face making waves across the east coast. After living in Australia for a few years, Cormac moved to...
Aphrodisiac foods for men
The secret to a better sex life could be sitting in your fridge. Some guys turn to slimming products to make them feel sexy, while others go a tastier route. If you’re looking to improve your sex drive, you should try cooking a meal with aphrodisiac foods for men. This is the most delicious way to rev up your libido, but...


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