The Best Activewear For Men Of 2015

We found this year's best activewear for men that you'll actually want to wear outside the gym.

activewear for men
activewear for men

Activewear for men? Far too many people have a utilitarian approach to their workout clothing choices. Basically, if I can sweat in it, then I’ll wear it! However, the truly fashion conscious don’t separate life into situations where expressing yourself stylistically applies and others where it doesn’t – you’ve got to be looking great all the time!

Now while there of course is the aesthetic aspect, wanting to look put together and get noticed is natural. It’s not the only or even most important reason to choose stylish clothes for your fitness routines. We’ve gone out and found activewear for men, the best of 2015. These are some of the hottest activewear options made easily available. Here are some of our favorites!


Techfit Climachill Three-Quarter Tee

The Techfit Climachill Three-Quarter Tee from Adidas, with its eye-catching futuristic style, its mesh-like appearance not only gives it extra style points but also results in increased breathability.


The Mesh Black Tank Top by Glimms keeps showing up on our lists of activewear for men– not due to favoritism but because it does what it does so well. Because it’s such a simple idea is likely why the majority of mesh tank tops aren’t given a higher level of design and manufacturing consideration, and as a result up being ill-fitting pieces of a substandard quality. Details such as added spandex for advanced fit and black piping around the neck, armholes and bottom up the game on this piece and earn it its place as a mesh tank that deserves to be worn as outerwear.


Men waist trainer for men is simply the most advanced top of its kind on the market. Made specifically to provide core support and slenderize the midsection with a clasp waist control, it also features a built-in corset and diagonal support lift from the back. While most will choose to wear it underneath a workout top to sculpt their midsection incognito, it is absolutely stylish enough to wear on its own, showing off your workout regime’s progress.



aussie profit

Unleash the power within and take your workout beyond your limits with Pro-Fit compression leggings – the latest from the style masters at aussieBum. Highly engineered for maximum support, in electric colours and radical designs, Pro-Fit is a whole new generation of sports action wear. Run faster, jump higher, lift heavier…go beyond with Pro-Fit


Knomadik Leggins by Daniel Patrick bring high fashion into the gym without sacrificing functionality. Features such as an elasticated drawstring waistband, 4 button fly fastening and ankle zip pulls ensure you’ve got the perfect fit for your workout, while a low drop crotch design and exposed seam detail give you a stylish edge.


Glimms’ Flag mens Leggings activewear for men, let you rep your heritage (or just your favorite flag design) as you stay fit. Sport the UK or perhaps German flag colors, the detailing of which is chosen to compliment the leggings rather than draw attention away from its perfect fit.



y3 kohna

The stylish Y3 Kohna is the update to the S-M-L family has a futuristic stretch neoprene sock and a highly flexible and adaptive moulded midsole. Upper: woven printed textile with leather details and neoprene tongue. Webbing strap. Lining: unlined except for suede heel.



There’s nothing worse than having a wallet, pair of keys or other belongings messing up your workout by bouncing around in your pockets or having to be placed on the ground and worried about for the duration of your routine. That doesn’t mean any beaten carry-all will do however. For your smaller personal effects, try Volunteer’s Army Green Fanny Pack. Going for a long outdoor run or hiking the trails? Their water repellant Outdoor Adventure Backpack boast features such as pre-curved shoulder straps, lower back cushioning and an expandable floating top lid to adjust the capacity for larger loads. At the same time, it’s smaller and lighter than a full hiking backpack, allowing for increased mobility.

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